Where are you from?
This is a question I’ve been asked the most over the years. Actually not because of my posts but because of my ‘ethnic’ looks. I am originally from the suburbs of Sydney, Australia but have been living in London since 2006. I am both an Australian and British citizen.

How can you afford to travel so frequently?
Unfortunately, travel and food isn’t my full time career, I actually have a day job. I have been fortunate to have had a colourful career in advertising, fashion, social media and digital products. At the moment I am a freelance consultant in the brand and user experience space.

Where is your favorite destination?
Apart from my two homes London and Sydney, I’ve got to say San Sebastián in the Basque region of Spain. I can never get enough of it and could happily retire there.

With whom do you travel with?
I travel with whoever is prepared to tag along with me. I often travel along and don’t mind as I often enjoy venturing on the unbeaten path and exploring at my own pace.

What camera/s do you use to take your photos?
I would say that 90% of my most recent photos in this blog are taken on my iPhone. Mainly because of convenience. I do often wish I had a camera that I could have better control with at times.

I used to use a Canon 450D with my photos on Flickr but have recently switched to a compact system FujiFilm X-E2, mainly because I want to reduce the weight I’m carrying

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